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Sobre o Site

The construction of a virtual space which caters for the field of environmental studies stems from the need to bring together those teaching, research and extra-mural activities which have been developed around this theme on all the six campuses of UERJ, and, in this way, disseminate those activities to society as a whole.

More than a data base, however, this site has been devised as a virtual magazine. It is aimed at informing an ever growing public interested in knowing about, questioning and discussing this ´inter-´ and multi-disciplinary theme which is crucial to and for the future of humanity at the beginning of this century.

This cyberspace is intended not only to reproduce the results of formal and systematic academic research, but also to widen these results and present them in a manner accessible to society as a whole. In this way, it is hoped to integrate, interact and construct, together with society, a harmonious life-style for humanity and the natural environment.

Thus, it is felt that the true role of a university is being played out, namely the development and diffusion of various types of knowledge which may contribute to the improvement of collective well-being.